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As a school we espouse the educational philosophy of the Peace Wapiti School Board as it appears in the Policy Handbook.

The aim of the school is to help each child to develop his/her individual abilities to the fullest extent. The school, while maintaining flexibility in adapting to an ever-changing society, will be dedicated to the total personal development of each student to the limits of his/her abilities and interests in a sequential coordinated curriculum which allows for individual differences.

As a school we also believe that not any one person, group, organization or institution is responsible for the education for our youth. We are all responsible; we play a key role in the total development of our young men and women.

In view of the fact that the attendance area has a large French presence and also because of the requirements of the Charter of Rights relative to French minority rights, the school will strive to keep in place a strong French program at all grade levels.

It is the role of each teacher to plan programs, to use effective strategies and techniques in delivering programs and to constantly evaluate teaching performance and student achievement.

We recognize the rights and responsibilities of parents to be involved in their child’s schooling and provide opportunities for that to take place. We believe in frank, open and honest communication between parents and teachers.

We will strive to make learning an enjoyable experience for all students. At the same time, we recognize that the ultimate aim of education at Eaglesham School is to prepare our students for a world of rapid change and future demands.