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Welcome to Eaglesham

Welcome to Eaglesham! We are an agricultural community, 127 km northeast of Grande Prairie, that holds fast to the things of life that matter most. Here, everyone has a name and with that, everyone has a seat at the table. Eaglesham is a place where if you show up, you will be connected.
Our school boasts small class sizes and a family feel. Our community seeks to hold onto the values and work ethic of the generations that have gone before us. At Eaglesham School technology is a tool, not a way of life. We desire to teach our students on the land and not on a screen.
Eaglesham has plenty of local amenities that help our students get the most out of their education.
KayakingFor the outdoor enthusiasts, our county is teeming with adventure. Wilderness abounds, rivers run, and the northern lights dance. With ample access to crown land, there is plenty of opportunity for 4x4ing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and foraging. The county boasts many unique opportunities that you will not find on a map. Our local residents will eagerly help you access all that our county has to offer.
Local to Eaglesham is the beautiful Lakeside Golf and Country Club, which attracts golfers and campers from  around the Peace Country. Residents also have access to a public library, ATB bank, volunteer fire hall, post office, Dolly's Place - local restaurant and motel, and two churches. Within reach of our community there are outdoor swimming pools and several family-friendly ski hills.
The West Smoky Recreation Centre is located across from the Eaglesham School parking lot. The West Smoky Recreation Centre is busy with year-round activity, and in many ways, is the hub of our community. During the winter months, you will find recreational hockey, skating lessons, and pond hockey. Throughout the year, residents have access to a well-equipped weight room and pickle ball courts. Affordable access and a welcoming atmosphere makes the arena a place we all hold dear.
Our youth are valued and as a community we contend to instill within them resiliency and a robust appreciation and love for life. Our thriving 4-H Club has a focus on adventure that introduces children to all that our community and county have to offer. Our local faith community also provides many meaningful opportunities for our youth to gather.
If you are looking for room to breathe, a place to put down roots, or to grow a garden and a family, we would love to meet with you. As is the nature of Eaglesham, there is far more here than meets the eye. We would love to have the opportunity to show you that there are sustainable ways to access all that you need out here.
Come and experience the goodness of our community. We hope to meet with you soon.